The AutoTrickler is designed to integrate with the A&D FX-120i scale. This is a laboratory balance based on magnetic force restoration technology which measures reliably to 1 milligram. The low drift and fast response time of this specific scale makes it uniquely well suited to the AutoTrickler.

The scale is sold separately. You can order the AutoTrickler from us, or you can order with scale as a complete package from one of our distributors.

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We work with a number of distributors to provide an easier way for you to purchase AutoTrickler packaged with the A&D FX-120i scale. Some of these companies are also A&D resellers and may be able to provide the A&D scale and related parts separately.

We have a unique arrangement with CE Products to ensure prices and lead times are consistent whether you order from CE or directly from us. For other distributors, stock, price, and wait list policies may vary.

When ordering from one of these distributors you should receive the AutoTrickler packed and sealed by us in its original box, without any modifications. Warranty support extends to the original purchaser only for 2 years when ordering either direct from us or from one of the distributors in this list. Please contact us directly for any technical questions, warranty concerns, replacement parts or accessories. We handle all support directly. Our priority is to ensure a consistent and positive experience for all.

For the AutoTrickler to perform well it requires a scale that can quickly and reliably respond to single kernels of powder. For this reason, lower end digital scales based on a load cell are not suitable. Higher end laboratory grade balances with sub-milligram precision may have slower response times making them also not well suited for use with the AutoTrickler.

The A&D FX and FZ models 200i, 300i, and 500i are essentially equivalent to the 120i and will also work with the AutoTrickler. The FX-1200i is a 10 milligram balance not suitable for reloading.

If you already have a Sartorius balance, we may be able to provide a custom solution to integrate the AutoTrickler with your scale. Please send us an email with the model number of your scale and a photo of the wind screen structure and we can advise with options. Any type of scale other than A&D or Sartorius is not supported and will not work.