AutoTrickler App Update

June 7, 2023

I have just released a new update for the AutoTrickler app, which will likely be automatically installed on your phone / tablet within a day or so if you have automatic updates. This is version 1.2.0. This is the first update since the original release of V4, and it's a big one.

In my last article from January, I asked for feedback. Your excellent responses were very much appreciated. I saved most of them into a document and summarized the key points into a spreadsheet. This provided a helpful, broader understanding of how the AutoTrickler is being used day to day and confirmed that the only change really needed was to improve the calibration and tuning process.

This update is 100% intended to help all of you extract full value from your AutoTrickler and save more time in the reloading room.

1. Calibration. The ideal natural flow rate for most powders is 0.20 GN/s. Now the measured values are displayed in a way that makes it very clear if your flow rate is too high or too low for best results.

2. Performance. The way that the settings map to motor speed has been massively improved under the hood. You should find, once tuned, that it will run faster especially near the end of the cycle. There is also a new "buffer" setting which can be adjusted separately from the overall speed to slow down a little earlier and avoid overshooting with larger kernel powders.

3. Help. There are two Help screens which provide a detailed explanation of the settings. I encourage you to read this carefully and experiment to learn the effect of changing each setting. With a solid understanding of how it works, you will be able to tune for any powder quickly and effectively. Always remember you can email me at any time and ask questions or send a video and I am happy to explain further.

4. Profiles. You can now save up to 5 profiles which record a name, the target weight and each of the four tuning values. This should make it easier to switch back and forth between powders. Remember to calibrate after changing powders, and use a separate loading book to remember what your target weight should be.

On my test bench, I have three V4's set up and I often test with CFE223, Varget, H4350, N150, N170, and N570. I have found that all powders work best with a flow rate of 0.20 GN/s. All of these powders will flow at close to that speed with the same tilt angle, except N570. When switching to N570, I place a shim under the back of the scale's rear center foot which lifts the scale and tilts the entire assembly forward. This can be removed when using any other powder. After calibrating and verifying the flow rate is in the correct range, I run a few short cycles to let the powder settle in the tubes, then adjust from the settings shown above as necessary depending on which part of the cycle needs it.

I plan to record a video in a few weeks' time where I will demonstrate the tuning process and how AutoTrickler V4 is meant to run with a variety of powders. I won't send out an email just for that, but I will probably update the app to include a link to the video.

Once again, please email me for honest, accurate answers if you have any questions, concerns, feedback or need help with your AutoTrickler.

Thank you!

Adam MacDonald