Current estimate lead time is 2-3 weeks.

The scale is sold separately. You can order the AutoTrickler from us, or you can order with scale as a complete package from one of our distributors. See below for distributor information.

AutoTrickler V4

$490 USD

Ordering from our Authorized Dealers

We ship direct worldwide, however we also work under agreement with a number of third party dealers to provide an option for you to purchase the AutoTrickler packaged with the A&D FX-120i scale locally. You have the choice and you can trust that the AutoTrickler will be boxed by us and delivered unmodified and unopened. The product you receive is exactly the same and your decision should be based on the convenience, price, and availability.

We have a special arrangement with CE Products to ensure prices and lead times are consistent whether you order from CE with the scale, or directly from us without a scale. Our order lists are shared and your order with CE has exactly the same priority as an order with us.

All other dealers' stock, price, and wait list policies may vary so please contact them directly for information.

Warranty support extends to the original purchaser only for 2 years when ordering either from us or from one of the authorized dealers in this list. Please contact us directly for any technical questions, warranty concerns, replacement parts or accessories. We handle support. Our priority is to ensure a consistent and positive experience for all.