AutoTrickler V4 Information

AutoTrickler V4 production will start in August and we'll be shipping to reservation holders first. Please fill out the reservation form if you would like to be on the list. A reservation secures you place in the production schedule. Click here for more information.

Adam MacDonald held a 5-hour livestream on June 4 covering the evolution of the AutoTrickler since 2016 and prototype V4 design features. To watch, visit the AutoTrickler YouTube Channel.

As of July 28, 2021 the AutoTrickler V3 is only available without the AutoThrow component. We will continue to offer V3 AutoTrickler without AutoThrow until we run out of those parts.

Without the AutoThrow the speed and precision is the same, you'll just need a measuring scoop or any other way of pouring in the bulk charge a few grains light once the motor starts.

The current lead time for V3 AutoTrickler without AutoThrow is 1-3 weeks and price is $270. V4 will be $490 and we have reservations estimated to run until early next year.


Integrates with your precision balance to dispense a powder charge within 0.02 grains in 10 seconds.

by Adam MacDonald

Whether you are a casual reloader or competitive long range shooter, the AutoTrickler will help you shrink your groups at long range and turn one of the most tedious reloading tasks into an enjoyable one.

Each time you place the empty cup on the scale, the AutoThrow will cycle to drop the bulk charge, and then the AutoTrickler will smoothly finish within +/- 0.02 grains of your target weight. Typically, 50 cases can be charged within +/- 0.02 grains in under 15 minutes.

The system includes a mix of 3D printed and CNC machined parts engineered entirely by Adam MacDonald for optimal performance and cost effectiveness. The AutoTrickler is meant to integrate best with the A&D FX-120i scale.

The AutoTrickler incorporates a stepper motor which ramps down smoothly from 2 grains below the target in order to reach the desired weight quickly and precisely.

Use the tilt adjustment to ensure 0.5 grains per second flow rate at maximum speed, and tweak a slider adjustment to fine tune the final stage.

The AutoTrickler will start from an empty cup or or any partial charge up to your target.

The AutoThrow is an original CNC machined powder measure which drops most of the powder charge at once.

Fill the large, clear hopper with powder, rotate to open the integrated shutoff valve, and use the threaded adjustment on the side to set the drop amount to 2-3 grains below your target.

Tight internal tolerances ensure smooth operation with the most common stick and fine ball powders without leaking, and no maintenance or manual adjustments are needed.

Certain magnum powders may not cycle reliably due to the large kernels, so we recommend operating the AutoThrow by hand when using these types of powders.

Set your desired target weight using the AutoTrickler app on your mobile device. You can quickly adjust the target for ladder testing, and run the motors manually for testing and cleaning.

The app requires an Android or iOS smartphone or tablet with Bluetooth Low Energy (4.0) support. Most modern phones are compatible and you can also purchase a tablet from us.

The app is optional; you can set a target weight using buttons on the scale if you prefer.

The FX-120i scale includes a modular wind panel structure that can be customized for access and minimizing airflow.

The AutoThrow clamps to the top panel using a threaded funnel which contains an integrated baffle to slow the powder and avoid splashing.

The smooth glass cup with plastic handle is ideal to prevent splash while allowing you to see the powder.

A small locating piece is taped to the scale platen to ensure the cup is placed in the correct location each time.