Please see below for general information about ordering, payment, and warranty.

If you have any questions at all please email

Orders currently far exceed production capacity for both AutoTrickler and ShotMarker. Priority is based on order date. We take the backlog very seriously and all orders are treated equally and fairly. Feel free to contact us anytime for an estimate ship date.

Accessories and parts are generally available right away. We process shipments every few days so please allow up to a week for shipping an order for parts.

We ship worldwide by UPS or Canada Post depending on price and destination. You may be charged import duties or taxes depending on the country of import. We only charge sales tax for orders shipping within Canada. You will receive an order confirmation immediately, and a shipping confirmation email with tracking number when it ships. If you place an order and do not see the order confirmation email, check your spam folder, and contact us to confirm your email address was entered correctly.

All credit card refunds for cancelled orders are subject to the transaction fees we are charged. Typically this is about 3%. We will withhold only the exact amount we are charged by the credit card processing service.

You have the option at checkout to pay up front, or place an order without paying, and you will be invoiced when the order is ready to ship. Any orders that are not paid by the time they are ready to ship may be delayed. We will try to send the invoice a few days in advance. Please pay as soon as you can to avoid delays and improve our ability to schedule shipments for everyone.

Warranty for all parts covers manufacturing and assembly defects and general operational problems for 2 years from ship date. Aesthetic issues or physical damage is not covered. We do not accept returns of used parts for refund. If you have an issue, contact us and we will help you troubleshoot the nature of the problem, fix or replace whatever is needed, and get things working again.

Adam handles all technical inquiries directly. It's very important to us that technical problems are diagnosed and resolved as quickly as possible. If you have a question and you would like the right answer, email Adam. We do not take phone calls but we reply to emails very quickly.

To update ShotMarker software, first download the software file using the above link. Then connect to ShotMarker and select the "Software Update" button in the main settings screen (the globe icon). Select "Choose File" and select this file you just downloaded. The file will be uploaded, the Access Point will restart, and the new software version will be installed. Do not try and open or extract the file. Please note that the software has not changed since April 2020 and you do not need to update if you have this version already.